About Pelican Imaging

Pelican Imaging is the inventor of groundbreaking depth-sensing technology for mobile and AR/VR devices. Pelican’s computational camera solution provides depth at every pixel, giving users the freedom to refocus after the fact, focus on multiple subjects, segment objects, take linear depth measurements, apply filters, change backgrounds, and create 3D models, from any device.

Pelican Imaging is headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, and was founded in 2008; current investors include Qualcomm, Nokia Growth Partners, Globespan Capital Partners, Granite Ventures, InterWest Partners and IQT.

To contact us, please email info@pelicanimaging.com or see the bottom of this page for location info, or to send us a short note.  

Growth-oriented business model 

1) Daedal Research “Global Dual Lens Smartphone Market: Trends and Opportunities (2016-2020)”
2) Morgan Stanley Research “Global Insight – Dual Camera: Beginning of a New Upgrade Cycle
3) IDC “Worldwide Augmented and Virtual Reality Hardware Shipments, 2015–2020”
4)Y ole Developpement “Camera Module Industry 2015 Report

How we work with our partners 

Pelican working with partners