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Pelican's array solution captures the world the way our eyes do: with depth. 
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Your life in is 3D. Why should your photos and video be any different? Pelican Imaging has developed a very small, thin array camera for mobile devices that captures photo and video the way your eyes do: with depth. Create 3D models, refocus after the fact, change backgrounds or combine photos...depth-based imaging will change what people expect from their mobile cameras.


Capturing depth is the next step in photography. Experts weigh in: Kartik Venkataraman (Pelican Imaging), Raj Talluri (Qualcomm), and Hao Li (USC). What does the future of imaging look like when we can use our phones to capture photos and video in 3D?

If we can give computers the ability to see, that’s actually the next step in giving them the ability to think. And that’s amazing.
— Hao Li, Assistant Professor of Computer Science, USC Viterbi School of Engineering